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#JeremySays – Decoction

When creating our Pilsner, we use the decoction method to create a rich malty character, and a beautiful golden hue that we love in our beer! It’s an old school technique that’s time consuming, but worth it! Be sure to use an under-modified floor malted pilsner malt, and very soft water!

During mashing pull a third of thicker mash to a separate kettle. The majority of enzymes will remain in the main mash. Then do an amylase rest at 158F for 20 min. for a quick conversion. Then bring it to a boil, for light beers boil for less time >20min, richer heavier beers for longer. Then return the boiled decoction to main mash to reach different rest temps. There are different  versions and methods all the way up to triple decoction!

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