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Our wine/hybrid seltzers are made with aromatic varietal specific white and red grape juice. Only the best juice from each harvest is sought out pressed and flash frozen by our wine broker. We then defrost the juice and infuse it into our seltzer fermentation. We ferment with white or red wine yeast that create flavor and aroma compounds that are more similar to wines. Therefore these high point seltzers have a lot more depth and complexity then a typical seltzer. We also use non-GMO sugars and organic ingredients whenever possible.


ABV: 9.2%

A light crisp refreshing high-point wine/hybrid seltzer. It’s floral, fruity, effervescent, and extremely quaffable for its strength. It drinks like an aromatic fruit forward sparkling white wine with bright acidity.

INGREDIENTS:  Gewurztraminer grape juice, Elderflower, citric acid, non-GMO corn sugar, rice syrup solids, and brewer’s crystals.


ABV: 8.2%

A delicious, easily-drinkable white wine/seltzer hybrid fermented with Raspberry, tart cherry, prickly pear and aromatic muscat grape juice. It drinks like a fruity, floral, crisp French rose wine.

INGREDIENTS: Raspberry Juice, Balaton Tart Cherry Juice, Prickly Pear juice, Hibiscus flowers, Fresno CA Muscat Alexandria Grape Juice, Citric Acid, Non-GMO corn sugar, Rice Syrup Solids, Brewer’s Crystals.


ABV: 10.3%

A red wine/hybrid seltzer fermented with Raspberry Puree, Oregon Pinot Noir Juice, and White Sage. It drinks like a light, fresh, fruity red wine. It’s racy, fruity, earthy, and herbal with all the flavors coalescing in a refreshing complex finish.

INGREDIENTS: Dundee Hills Pinot Noir grape juice, Raspberry Puree, White Sage, citric acid, non-GMO corn sugar, rice syrup solids, and brewer’s crystals.


ABV: 11.2%

A high-point seltzer inspired by the famous Aperol Spritz cocktail. We deconstructed Aperol and built our version of the ingredients into a refreshing seltzer that’s complex, aromatic with a delicious, drinkable slightly-bitter slightly-sweet finish.

INGREDIENTS:  Organic Muscat Canelli Grape Juice, Orange Rousanne Grape Must, a blend of rich, floral, and bittering aromatics, (Gentian root, rhubarb root, cinchona bark, juniper berry, elderflower, Hibiscus flowers, Sweet orange peel, Fresh grapefruit peel, Beet Powder) citric acid, non-GMO Corn Sugar, rice syrup solids, and brewers’ crystals.


ABV: 9.3%

A wine/hybrid seltzer inspired by the classic Bellini cocktail. We ferment this seltzer with real peach juice and Sauvignon Blanc grape juice to give an almost champagne like wine flavor with a sweet peachy finish.

INGREDIENTS: Lodi CA Sauvignon blanc grapes, real peach juice, citric acid, Non-GMO corn sugar, Rice syrup solids, Brewer’s crystals


ABV: 5%

INGREDIENTS: Non-GMO Corn Sugar, Brown Rice Sugar, Brewer’s Crystals, Natural Cucumber Flavor, Natural Lime Flavor, Citric Acid.


ABV: 5%

INGREDIENTS: Non-GMO Corn Sugar, Brown Rice Sugar, Brewer’s Crystals, Cryo-Mosaic Hops, Citric Acid.



Jeremy brings more than 20 years brewing experience at home and professionally, including stints at Bohemian Brewery and production work with Uinta Brewing. In addition to his skills as a craft brewer, Jeremy has a refined palate and capability for blending unique ingredients and flavors as a distiller of exquisite spirits, and in crafting award-winning cocktails as a bartender at High West Distillery in Park City for 6+ years. Here at Grid City he focuses on using the finest ingredients, plus new and old world techniques to produce balanced, drinkable, ales and lagers of the highest quality.

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